the breeder


i was in my vet’s office in fairfield ct with my cat when in walked this absolutely incredible dog who had come in with the breeder’s wife for a checkup. it was like love at first sight! i just knew that when i was ready, this was the breed that i wanted in my life. i did a little research consisting mainly of ‘is this an intelligent breed?’, ‘does it like to go on long walks’, and ‘does it get along well with cats?’

a year later on a wednesday, the vet put me in touch with mark shangold, a breeder in easton ct, and that friday ‘hello dalai’ came home with me.

hello dalai

hello dalai

dalai was everything i had hoped for . . . and so much more. smart – i cannot begin to tell you how smart this dog was, i swear she was a 2 year old child with four legs and long golden hair. i would come home from work and after a joyful greeting, off we would go for a walk. our walks were sometimes up to 4 miles with lots of stops so she could say hello to people (and other dogs) that we passed along the way. she got along well with my cats . . . although she did consider one of the cats as an interactive dog toy. she definitely had her own mind and her own agenda which often did not agree with mine. i like to think that i was ‘alpha’ in this relationship, but in reality, i am not so sure. she was loving and generous, totally attached to me and always made me laugh. i can’t say enough about this dog that was so much more than ‘just a dog’.

gypsy &  jack

gypsy & jack

mark  introduced me to dog shows and soon dalai and i joined him for shows  in connecticut, new jersey, pennsylvania and massachusetts which combined two of my favorite things, a great day with my dog . . . and shopping – the vendors at the shows had all kinds of specialty dog items. i learned a lot from mark, all of which added to my love of and dedication to this breed.

dalai had her first litter in 1997 (you can see ‘george/stamford ct’ in the ‘gamine family album’). her daughter ‘gypsy’ stayed with me and i was on my way. jack is gypsy’s son and dalai’s grandson.

i retired in 2000 and soon after moved to rural western massachusetts. i am still very involved with showing my dogs, but recently have stopped showing them myself and now have a professional handler, mark desrosiers, show my dogs. he does an amazing job – be sure to see ‘miss molly’ under ‘show news’.



i have one or two litters a year which fill my house with joy and laughter – the babies are just too cute. i have to say i am so very lucky. my life has definitely ‘gone to the dogs’, but in a great way. i can’t think of anything i would rather be doing.

rather than the conventional kennel runs, gamine dogs have two 13′ x 30′ and two 13′ x 40′ shaded ‘play areas’ that are especially fun in the snow as well as a 6′ x 52′ run and a 6′ x 12′ area with a roof over it for rainy days. a tibetan monk stands guard at the entrance.

more to come with pictures . . .