below is just the start of a list of helpful links. i will be adding to this list as i come across them. if you have any web sites that you think should be included, please e-mail me at and let me know.  it was only recently that one of my new puppy owners showed me the site which i feel is an invaluable aid for the dog owner and a site that should most definitely be shared.


before starting a new dog food, definitely check out this site. it rates a wide variety of dog foods based on their nutritional value. not only does it give an in-depth analysis and discussion of the individual ingredients in the various foods. it also lists any dog food recalls and will alert you if one is issued for your dog food.


articles about excessive barking and digging to separation anxiety and (yuck) eating feces.


various tips including overcoming separation anxiety, hiking with your dog and traveling with your dog.


several good articles on various health problems in dogs

61 articles regarding health issues for dogs.


several articles on keeping a poison proof home, what to avoid feeding your dog, a list of poisonous plants, etc.