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march, 2016:

on, look what they had on their cover page for march! he is the first dog to be featured this way! wtg hincks!

March Cover Dog

2016-03-04 Dog of the MonthHinckley

This Lucky Leprechaun is Hinckley. He is a 14 month-old Tibetan Terrier who lives on Pleasant Street. Hincks, as he is known to family and close friends, is total rascal and a complete joy.

Hinckley loves making new friends, taking long walks on the beach, stalking squirrels, hoarding treats, and collecting sticks. Hinckley dislikes bathing and absolutely hates when his Mom picks up and puts away his toys at the end of each night.


march 2, 2016: arleigh

arleigh’s mom (she’s an author) has her own web site and credits arleigh as her ‘muse’ in the 03-02-16 post

on her main page, and then again on arleigh’s page titled ‘the muse’



october & november, 2015: riz-li

2015-11 10 nov december riz-li A






2015-11 10 nov dec riz-li C



2015 -11 10 nov dec riz-li B














october 7, 2015:

boston globe sunday magazine, october 7, 2015

hinckley is such a lucky little boy. you can see this picture of him in the article, BUT if you let the link fully load the accompanying video, you can see hincks and his pals going to ‘day care’. what a lot of fun!!! here is a picture from the article – hinckley is in the lower right checking out all the excitement up front!


august 8, 2013: clarke

2013-08-13 clarke B2013-08-06 clarke A














june 14, 2007: kafka

kafka’s mom was featured in an article in the new york times – and he got a very special mention at the end of the article!!