gamine goodnight gracie (gracie)

APRIL 25, 2015:

YAY!!  we have a brand new akc champion! gracie came in first of 12 girls for her final 5 points. gracie so loves the shows and being with travis and it definitely shows when they are in the ring.


here is what travis wrote on his facebook page:

A great day in Bear DE. Gamine Goodnight Gracie is now a champion. She finishes with a five point major from the 12- 18 month class at the Mid Atlantic TT Specialty under judge Elliott Weiss. Thank you Carol Adams for breeding her with my Kiara Tibetan Terriers dog cooper as sire.

and here is the official show picture! both travis and gracie look so very serious – and every bit the champions they both are!

2015-04-25 GRACIE


APRIL 3, 2015:

big weekend for shows in west springfield, ma. 9 class girls were entered making a win today worth 4 points toward an akc championship . . . and gracie won!

here’s what travis posted on his facebook page: Gamine Goodnight Gracie awarded WB for a four point major. So proud of this silly girl. Thank u carol adams and kiara tibetan terriers for keeping my dog fancy alive.

Travis Brock's photo.Travis Brock's photo.

2015-04-03 gracie

akc judge alfred ferruggiaro, travis, and gracie !!!!!

and thank you travis for a ‘job’ well done and for making the shows so much fun for gracie.


december 4, 2014:

travis and gracie did it again under akc judge christine calcinari!

2014-12-04 gracie


SEPTEMBER 21, 2014:

northwestern connecticut kennel club show under akc judge susan st. john brown and gracie got her 2nd point toward her championship . . . only 13 more points to go!

20140921 northwestern kc


AUGUST 29, 2014:

newton nj kennel club show under akc judge barbara wood and gracie got her first point toward her championship. she also got a puppy group 2 in the special competition for best puppy in show.

20140825 newton kc


APRIL 20, 2014: oh my, oh my. travis took gracie into the ring to compete against the other two best in show puppies from saturday and sunday (a beautiful belgium teruven and a gorgeous old english sheepdog), both of whom were older than gracie (who just turned 4 months old the week before the show) . . . and gracie won under akc judge mary ann alston !!!!!




APRIL 18, 2014: travis (gracie’s father’s owner) wanted to show cooper’s little girl in the new akc class 4-6 month old puppy. while the wins do not count toward her akc championship, they do provide a fun venue for puppies to get used to a dog show. who knew, gracie beat 32 other puppies under akc judge dr. kenneth doeg.


2014-04-18 BIS PUPPY